76% of users on traditional dating apps never hear back from a match after just one response.

stop wasting your time.

on dive, our goal is to get you to meet in-person through:

in-person events

  • Find a place nearby
  • Check-in & see who's there
  • Wink at who you are interested in

if they wink back, you can chat and meet instantly!

setting up dates with matches

  • Match w/ locals from home
  • Set up a date
  • Confirm the date w/ your match

you can set up a date at any place you and your date agree on!


Press About Us

no ghost guarantee
dive is free for all users for basic features

make the switch to in-person dating.

we are here when you are ready.


Why Dive?

Dive is for all the dating app users out there that are sick and tired of the traditional swipe, chat and ghost dating app model. Dive is where singles come that are ready to date, and meet someone new in-person IRL. If that isn’t you, I suggest you use other dating apps that base their results on just getting you matches!

is dive free?

Dive has a free version and a paid version. Our paid version includes perks like free entry into IRL Events that are Sponsored by Dive - Live Dating

is dive safe?

Dive only facilitates in-person meetings at public places. Whereas you are often meeting up at private places on traditional dating apps, that is not the case on Dive! How Can I Become a Dating HotSpot? You can host either a free event or a paid event to add a whole new revenue stream.

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No Extra Work

We guarantee at least 10,000 views of your event through targeted ads directly to your event based on your specific event audience. Your ads will run locally through Google, Social, and other platforms with ZERO extra work for you! If your event does not succeed, we do not succeed!